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Hotusa explora
January 20th, 2020From 8:30am to 5:30pm
IFEMA - Feria de Madrid(North Auditorium)
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January 20th, 2020From 8:30am to 5:30pm
IFEMA - Feria de Madrid(North Auditorium)
Tourism and innovation global event
Hotusa Explora is an open forum for discussion and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences. A meeting which convenes the business world and leading figures and institutions of the sector. Thus, it represents a space of confluence for different strategic areas: tourism, media, transport, etc., focussing on reflecting and drawing conclusions.
  • “Reyes Maroto inaugurated the 6th edition of Hotusa Explora Forum”
  • “Spain achieved another year the tourist record despite Brexit and Thomas Cook”
  • “The hotel investment will become more focused on experiences”
  • “Hotusa Explora closed its sixth edition with more than 1,000 attendees”
  • “Maroto assured that tourism 'will be a priority' in the political agenda”
  • “The future of hotel chains needs to make standarisation flexible”
These have been the speakers of 2020
  • Mr. Javier Faus
    Founding Partner and CEO, President
    Meridia Capital and Cercle d’Economia
  • Mr. Jesús Nuño de la Rosa
    Viajes El Corte Inglés
  • Mrs. Gloria Guevara
    President and CEO
    World Travel & Tourism Council
  • Mr. Alex Cruz
    British Airways
  • Mr. Maurici Lucena
  • Mr. Isaías Táboas
  • Mr. Cyril Ranque
    Expedia Travel Partners Group
  • Mr. Jose Carlos Azcárraga
    Grupo Posadas
  • Mr. Alejandro Zozaya
    Executive President
    Apple Leisure Group
  • Mr. Bieito Rubido
  • Mrs. Ana Isabel Pereda
    General Manager
  • Mr. Juan de Antonio
    Founder & CEO
  • Mr. Màrius Carol
    La Vanguardia
  • Sr. Raúl González
    Managing Director
    Barceló Hotel Group
  • Mr. Didac Lee
    Galdana Ventures
  • Mrs. Carlota Pi
    coFounder and Executive President
The five forum tables
  • 10:30 am
    Tourism as a strategic driving force for economic development
    The tourism industry encompasses a vast range of services and products linked to many other economic activities. Its development directly or indirectly involves multiple sectors that benefit from its good health, making it an industry of great strategic interest for many IT and services companies, as well as a driving force in any economy.
  • 11:30 am
    Opportunities in the infrastructures’ management and travellers’ transport to improve the sector competitiveness
    Passenger transport plays a key role in the tourism sector. Travel between strategic destinations makes this industry a decisive element in a region’s development. And the other side of the coin is that the transport infrastructure deficit is a major drawback for tourism development. At present, its evolution is geared towards finder quicker and more sustainable solutions, and increasing networks of connections that streamline travel.
  • 12:30 pm
    Marketing strategies for tourism products in a global and digitalised market
    In an ever-changing scene, the tourism offer must adapt to a new reality, introducing differential products and new services, and taking advantage of business opportunities in a race to position itself in the market. The consolidation of online sales in comparison to traditional channels, the new stakeholders who act as intermediaries, and new travelling habits require a redrafting of marketing strategies.
  • 2:30 pm
    The impact of new trends on the hotel sector
    The emergence of new audiences with their own demands, an increased democratisation of tourism, the diversification of sales channels and the growing need to build customer loyalty all have an important impact on large chains. The latter are forced to consider new management models, conceptualise new brands to respond in real time to market trends, and to strive towards internationalisation.
  • 3:30 pm
    Innovation and new business models
    Every day, new solutions and tourism products hit the market. Investing in innovation is becoming a solid choice and a guarantee of strengthening positions against other competitors. This path towards innovation is reflected in all sectors, generating synergies and new business models in which technology plays a leading role.
A forum with a digital PATH #HotusaExplora
  • La tecnología y seguir apostando por la innovación son fundamentales para abordar el futuro del sector turístico. Y en este campo España, que goza de una posición de liderazgo reconocida y bien merecida a nivel global, tiene mucho que aportar. #HotusaExplora
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  • '#Spain has been doing an incredible job in '#tourism but is essential that these efforts double up. It's key to keep an eye on what other countries are doing and continue focusing on this growth.' - @GGuevaraM #HotusaExplora
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  • En el VI Foro #HotusaExplora, @MarotoReyes destaca el rumbo positivo de la transformación del modelo turístico español, y convoca a agentes publicos y privados a seguir trabajando juntos para mejorar la competitividad y la adaptación a las nuevas tendencias globales del sector.
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  • Maurici Lucena, en el foro #HotusaExplora @Hotusa

    "La gestión de la promoción del turismo que hacen las comunidades autónomas y ayuntamientos ha sido y es fundamental".
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